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Design, logistics, software and outsourcing are the cornerstones of our service. The combination of these elements makes Innoflame an incomparable supplier of branded products, gifts for employees, and workwear for organisations of all sizes.


Products to enhance your brand

We design branded products, gifts for employees and workwear that inspire. After creating a product concept that supports your brand, we look after everything from manufacturing to packaging labels and design.

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Your products well looked after

Our efficient warehousing and logistics services make sure that your materials are always exactly where they are needed. Thanks to on-site marking at our warehouse, we can guarantee shipping within 48 hours for marked products, too.

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Developed specifically for you

Our software ensures convenient remote management of your company’s product traffic. We offer unbeatable custom solutions for your organisation’s product distribution, online sales, reward programs and gifts.

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Saving you both space and time

Innoflame’s outsourcing service takes stock management completely off your company’s hands, saving you both space and time. Our software products give you constant access to your warehouse on multiple devices.

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Innoflame GO is an unbeatable combination of software and services

Innoflame GO is a seamless combination of specialist online software and outsourcing services. It takes warehousing and internal logistics completely off your company’s hands. Software products personalised for your brand distribute, sell and give gifts and rewards on your behalf.


Stay on top of your stock

GoKeep is a fantastic fusion of multifaceted warehouse logistics and easy-to-use online software. It enables outsourced warehousing management and decentralised product distribution within your organisation, independently of time and place.

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Your online shop for branded products

GoShop is an online shop that enables the sales of your company’s product or materials range directly from the outsourced warehouse. What’s more, GoShop also provides a handy tool for distributing free products and event enrolment.

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Reward and incentivise

GoGive is a reward scheme and an outsourced warehouse service rolled into one, which adapts to the unique needs of your incentive and reward programs. GoGive keeps track of users’ points, manages the reward orders and encourages users to earn more points.

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The best gift every time

GoCard is the perfect gift voucher with the look and feel of your brand. It lets you offer a customised selection of gifts in a unique and stylish way. GoCard is your safe bet when you want to make an employee’s or supplier’s day with an attractive gift.

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Can we meet?

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