Master your materials

GoKeep provides seamless collaboration between service-oriented warehouse logistics and easy-to-use online software

Innoflame GoKeep enables outsourced warehousing management and decentralised product distribution within your organisation, independently of time, place or device.

Total outsourcing

The different business units and offices of your organisation can make separate orders directly from the GoKeep system and get products delivered to their own address. You will need no internal order management, distribution or storage. Centralised reporting keeps you always up to date about stock levels.

Innoflame GoKeep: A warehouse in your pocket

A warehouse in your pocket

GoKeep has been optimised for all the most common devices, including mobile. It offers the intuitive user experience of an online shop, which is simple and familiar to most users in your company. GoKeep is always with you, so you can make orders on the go wherever you are.

Innoflame GoKeep: Fast personalisation

Fast personalisation

Our on-site personalisation department at the warehouse personalises your branded products and workwear on demand. Personalisation based on orders is an important benefit to you. It saves time, reduces waste and allows us to fulfil ad-hoc requests.

The 48-hour miracle

Our warehouse makes sure that your materials are always in the right place at the right time. All orders are shipped from the warehouse within 48 hours. The orderer can monitor them in real time. In case any issues arise, we react quickly and efficiently. Our professionals are ready and happy to help you.

A GoKeep demo?

A GoKeep demo?

Hi, I'm Sami. The best way to learn about GoKeep is a demonstration. Call us +358 207 433 601 or leave your info.