Surprise with the best gift

GoCard is an electronic or printed gift voucher. It’s a convenient and fully customisable way to delight your employees or suppliers.

Give the best gift

GoCard is a safe choice when you want to give a gift that your employee or supplier is sure to love. Together we will plan the best possible range of presents in line with your target audience’s preferences. The gift voucher will be printed with a message or greeting that reflects your company’s brand image.

Your company’s very own gift vouchers

We offer an extensive product catalogue for building your gift selection. The gift vouchers, communications, personalisation, packaging and the gift selection will all be implemented according to your brand guidelines. The gift voucher has the look and feel of your company and leaves a long-lasting positive memory.

Innoflame GoCard gift card

Simple to give and redeem

GoCard gift vouchers are either printed or electronic, and they are easy to give, send or distribute within organisations and events. The recipient can easily redeem the gift online with a redemption code. The gift will be packaged and dispatched from the warehouse within 48 hours, and will be delivered directly to the address provided by the recipient.

Your company’s very own gift vouchers

Always ready to go

GoCard is a service that, thanks to the vouchers and outsourced warehousing, makes giving the best gift easy. It is ideal for seasonal gifts, campaign prizes, gifts for employees, and more. GoCard supports and complements other GO products, too.

Can we demo?

Can we demo?

Hi, I'm Mikko. The best way to dig deeper into GoCard gift cards is in our showroom. Call us +358 207 433 601 or leave your info.