We forge ideas into products

Branded product design with a difference

Innoflame offers a comprehensive service for your branded products, gifts for employees, and workwear. We will design products and packaging to match your company’s brand, as well as handling production, storage and distribution.

Custom design for you

We represent well over 100 brands. Besides small promotional and corporate gifts, our selection comprises higher value products for rewarding and delighting employees. Our professionals are also experts at designing and manufacturing unique products like workwear.

Sustainable products to showcase your values

Ecologically and ethically sound solutions are one of our key strengths. We will build a selection of products for your company that reflects and communicates its values. Above all, our products are useful, durable and recyclable. Even the packaging is ecologically produced. When choosing products, we always prioritise locally manufactured Finnish brands.

Personalisation makes the product yours

Personalisation makes the product yours

Personalisation is an important part of branded products, particularly workwear. Our personalisation department knows every surface and material, and both traditional and leading-edge marking methods from laser to embroidery. High-quality personalisation ensures that your products deliver a memorable and striking brand message.

You can rely on our expertise and experience at every stage of the production process

Promotional products, giveaways and corporate gifts

The smallest things can say a lot about your company. Innoflame helps you make the most of the products that develop and deliver your brand message at stores and offices, for instance. Using our expertise, we enable you to find exactly the right products for each purpose. At Innoflame Showroom you’ll have the chance to explore our broad selection in person.

Gifts for employees

Company gifts are ideal for rewarding and incentivising employees, commemorating birthdays or anniversaries, and celebrating achievements. Our selection includes various product categories of suitable gifts from top brands. Alternatively, our GoCard gift voucher service is a flexible option for giving the perfect gift. 


Workwear should not only be practical and long-lasting but also a stylish reflection of your company’s brand. Innoflame has extensive experience in producing workwear for numerous industries. We understand materials and their unique characteristics, and we represent a variety of manufacturers. Thanks to our software, your personnel can order their workwear directly to their workplace.

Innoflamen Showroom esittelee pitkälti toistasataa brändituotetta kattavan monipuolisen ja laadukkaan valikoiman.

Innoflame Showroom

Hi, it’s Jani here! Why not stop by and visit our awesome showroom?

Innoflame Showroom displays a collection of over 200 different high-quality branded products. Innoflame’s service-minded and energetic design team is at hand to help every single day. They are ready to discuss and generate ideas to develop a product collection that best serves your individual needs.

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Can we meet?

Can we meet?

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